wing picture.jpg Chicken Wing Recipes:

Ready to brave the kitchen and cook some amazing chicken wings all on your own? Don't worry, they are easier to cook than you'd probably think and by using the recipes we have gathered hear on the site you can't go wrong in cooking your next wing feast! Perfected a wing recipe of your own? Use the link at the bottom of the page to submit it to us and see it live on the site.

Our Own Recipes:

Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth's Special Wings

Roth Brother's Hot Wings

Roth Brother's Smoked Wings

Other Great Chicken Wing Recipes:

Texas Pete Nose Curling Wings

Fire House Wings

Billy's Wangs (boneless/skinless = somewhat healthy)

Original Anchor Bar Wings

E-z Does It Smoked Chipotle Wings

Gome's Smoked BBQ Wings

Viking's Diablo Spicy Wings

Think you've got a good recipe, submit it to us for review and we'll post it on the Cluckbucket!

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