Roth Bro's Wings

Roth Brothers Buffalo Wings


2 1/2 Lbs. of Fresh Chicken Wings
1 Deep Fryer Full of Fat (Vegetable Oil)
1 Stick of Fat (butter or margarine)
1 1/2 Cup of Franks Original Red Hot (don't use anything else!)
1 1/2 Cup of milk
1 Plastic bag of flour


1. Preheat fryer full of fat

2. Using a sharp knife, separate wings at the joints, discarding the nub.

3. Dip the wings briefly in milk

4. Put the wings in the bag of flour (we suggest double or triple bagging to avoid breakage)

5. Shake the bag to coat all the wings evenly with flour

6. Once the fat (oil) is hot, place an appropriate amount of wings in the fryer (be careful not to overload)

7. Fry the wings until they are golden brown

8. Remove the wings from the fryer and pat them down with a paper towel to remove some of the fat.

9. Melt the stick of fat (butter or margarine) and add the Red Hot

10. Either dip the wings in the sauce or toss 'em Willie Style in a large silver bowl. Be sure to coat each wing with the sauce.

11. Enjoy a nice hot plate of fat!


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