Roth Bro's Smoked Wings

Roth Brothers Smoked Wings


2 1/2 Lbs. of Fresh Chicken Wings
1 Stick of Fat (butter or margarine)
1 1/2 Cup of Franks Original Red Hot (don't use anything else!)


Instead of the preferred method of cooking chicken wings in hot fat for a couple of minutes, smoking them works awfully well.  If you have a smoker, great, if you only have a regular gas grill, go to Home Depot or some place like that and get a small metal "smoker tray" for about two bucks and get some hickory or mesquite chips.  

1.  Soak the wood chips in water for a couple of hours.

2.  Fire up your grill or smoker.  If you only have a grill, we highly recommend using indirect heat.  Turn one side on medium/low and leave the other side completely off, you will eventually put the chicken on the side that is off.

3.  Place the chips in the smoker tray and set it on the grill, directly above the lit side.

4.  Once the chips begin to smoke, place the unbreaded, (aka naked) wings on the opposite side. 

5.  Depending on how hot your grill gets, this will take anywhere between one to two hours to cook and you don't have to do much while the wings are cooking.  We recommend rotating them once, but stay mostly focused on knocking back cold frosty brews and playing bocce ball with your friends...

6.  When the wings are a golden brown get them off the grill and toss them in the sauce, for a little extra smoke flavor in your sauce, let the sauce sit on the grill for the last half hour with the wings...


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