Viking's Diablo Wings

Viking's Diablo Spicy Wings


1 Family Pack Fresh Chicken Wings - about 5 lbs.

1/2 Stick of Butter

Stubb's Hot BBQ Chicken Wing Sauce

Frank's/Durkee Red Hot Sauce

Juice of 1/2 Fresh Lime


1. Cut wings in three parts and toss away the tip.

2. Place naked wings on non-stick cookie sheet.

3. Bake @ 425f for 20 minutes, turn cook 30 min @350

4. Once cooked, remove from oven, toss in Frank’s to coat well and sear quickly on hot grill/BBQ until crispy w/light charring.

5. Melt butter and add to it lime juice, 1 part Stubb’s and 2 parts Frank’s in large toss-worthy bowl (be generous with the sauce)

6. Toss wings in sauce/butter mix and enjoy.

Best served with a light, but crisp beer such as Pacifico or Corona. An extra shot of Louisiana pepper sauce will take them up a notch, if so desired.

***REMEMBER*** The cooking is the key. These little monsters should be cooked until loosening from the bone, but not dried out.

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