Sauce Reviews Chicken Wing Sauce Reviews:

When it comes to wings, many times, the sauce is boss! Keeping that in mind, we have prepared this page to key you in on some of the best wing sauces that we have found. Enjoy, happy cooking, and email us to let us know what your favorite sauce is!

Suck Creek Wings: A new wing sauce available online, Suck Creek has an Original, Medium, and Spicy BBQ sauce that will make you a very very happy wing eater. Read our review.

Original Anchor Bar Wing Sauce: Not only the original home of the buffalo wing, but also the home of our new favorite bottled wing sauces. We put their five flavors to the test. Find out how they stacked up.

Wing Time Sauces:  "As good as it gets" says Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth. Wing Time sauces have the tasty and the variety to please any audience. Take a look at the full review.

Frank's Red Hot: The original buffalo wing base. Franks offers unparalleled heat and flavor and tastes great on pretty much anything. Combine it with unsalted butter and you've got a great buffalo wing sauce or a base to add other ingredients to. Click here to see a wing recipe that uses Frank's Red Hot.

Hooters Wing SauceHooters makes a great ready to use wing sauce. It comes in various flavors (mild, medium, hot, 3 mile island) and helps you recreate the wonderful Hooters wing experience at home. Don't stop with wings, this sauce is good on pizza and other hand-held treats.

Stubb's Wicked Chicken Wing Sauce: Stubb's makes a great wing sauce that is good on its own or mixed with a little bit of butter. They offer both original and inferno sauces and both of them are blazing! Personally, we use Stubb's as an addition to our Red Hot and butter base, but it definitely can be used on its own. Click here to see a wing recipe that uses Stubb's Wicked Chicken Wing Sauce.

Tabasco Smoked Chipotle Sauce: This new smoked chipotle sauce from Tabasco is outstanding! It has an unbelievable flavor and a very smooth spice (but it does definitely kick in after a couple of seconds). Again, we have seen this sauce used with butter to make up a awesome wing sauce or you can use it to kick your Red Hot and butter base up a notch! Click here to see a wing recipe that uses Tabasco Smoked Chipotle Sauce.

These are three tremendous sauces to get you started, there many more to come in the upcoming days!