Anchor Bar

Original Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce

Official review by Scott “The Cluckbucket” Roth

The Anchor Bar and Grill

Even if you can't make it to the home of the original buffalo wing you still can get your hands on the great flavor of the Buffalo, NY mecca. Through their web site (see above) you can order individual bottles or gallon jugs of Original, Hotter, Suicidal, Honey BBQ, or Honey Mustard varieties. The fine folks at the Anchor Bar were kind enough to send over some of their sauces for an official review, here's what we thought:

The Sauces

Original Wing Sauce, Hotter Wing Sauce, and Suicidal Wing Sauce

These three sauces make up the line-up of original buffalo wing flavors. In our minds the Original sauce is the absolutely perfect combination of flavor and heat. This was hands-down our favorite of the five sauces that are available. It's a very smooth blend of cayenne, vinegar, and butter flavors (that's just my guess as I'm sure the official recipe is securely stocked away somewhere in Buffalo) that proves that the original is still the best.

The Hotter sauce brought just one more small level of heat to the Original - a very welcome jolt every once in a while. While not overwhelming, the Hotter sauce added kick in all the right ways. Finally, the Suicidal variety brought the heat. While still holding true to the buffalo wing flavor, the Suicidal brought a sneaky heat that if you aren't careful, will rock your world. It was a little hot for my liking, but my heat-seeking friends thought these were fantastic!

Honey BBQ Wing Sauce and Honey Mustard Wing Sauce

The two alternate varieties that we sampled were the Honey BBQ and the Honey Mustard. As a buffalo wing purist, I'm always a bit leery of straying await from the traditional buffalo flavors. That being said, these two sauces rocked. They were definitely a crowd favorite and would be a good first-start to people who don't have a very sophisticated wing pallette.

The Honey BBQ is a very solid authentic BBQ flavor with a touch of sweetness that is cool to the tounge. It's a pretty thick sauce which is great as it naturally thins out a tad when combined with the heat of the chicken. These wings receive very high marks for the crowd.

Finally there was the Honey Mustard. While definitely not something that I would ever order on my own, this sauce provided a surprisingly pleasant departure from the traditional buffalo and BBQ flavors. It's got a smooth flavor with just a slight hint of spice from the mustard.

The Low-Down

Overall I was extremely impressed with the sauces that are available from the original home of the buffalo wing, the Anchor Bar and Grill in Buffalo, NY. All of the flavors were unique and well recieved by my wing-loving friends. Again, my overall favorite was the Original buffalo flavor, but if you put any of them in front of me again, I'd be a happy camper!


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