Wing Time

Wing-Time Sauces

Official review by Scott “The Cluckbucket” Roth

In most aspects of my life I’m a pretty laid back, easy-going guy. I don’t worry about the small things and I’m not all that picky. However, when it comes to wings, you can throw all of that out the window. As I sat down to evaluate Wing-Time sauces, I must admit that I was a tad skeptical. I’ve tasted some good pre-made wing sauces, but it takes a pretty special sauce to live up to my sick and twisted high wing standards. All that being said, I think we have ourselves a winner! Let me cut to the chase and tell you why.

Wing-Time the Company:

Wing-Time was founded in 1993 by Terry Brown who grew up and attended college in upstate New York. Terry was frequently making small batches of wing sauces for his friends and family and finally decided to turn his hobby into a full-time business venture. Using his extensive knowledge about buffalo wings and his previous restaurant experience, Terry began to produce volumes of Wing-Time sauces with a careful eye on quality control.

Wing-Time sauces, which are “not just for wings” come in six flavors, Garlic Parmesan, Mild, Medium, Hot, Super Hot, and BBQ. The sauces are true to the traditional “buffalo wing flavor” and pack an exceptional amount of flavor with a controllable level of heat.

In addition to my own opinion, I tested the Wing-Time sauces with ten of my buffalo wing loving friends, here’s what we all had to say:

Garlic Parmesan:

This is probably my favorite of the Wing-Time sauces. It’s got all of the great flavor of a traditional buffalo wing sauce, but with a little extra creamy Parmesan flavor and garlic kick. 5 drummy rating for me.


Good buffalo wing flavor, but I like a little bit more heat. Great for folks that can’t have the medium or hot stuff. 3 drummy rating.


My second favorite Wing-Time sauce after the Garlic Parmesan. The perfect mixture of heat and flavor for me! 4 drummy rating.


The heat in this sauce sneaks up and gets you. Overall it’s a really good sauce, but it was a tad hot for me, I think I’m getting weak. 4 Drummy rating.

Super Hot:

This sauce is really stinking hot and it gets hotter with time. Still has a good flavor. 3 Drummies.


I’ve never been a fan of BBQ wings. My least favorite of the Wing-Time Sauces. Not much BBQ flavor, was bland and runny. 2 Drummies.


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