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Fire On The Mountain 2 now open in Portland - East Burnside

After a short delay, Fire On the Mountain 2 has officially opened it's doors for business on the ever renewing strip of East Burnside in Portland. The silent opening (the place was completely packed even though they didn't do any promotion, just opened up the doors) makes FOTM the first locally owned and operated wing joint in Portland to have mulitlpe locations - and marks another monumental step forward for the wing industry in the city.

Often times you will see the large chain wing joints (such as Buffalo Wild Wings and the Wingstop) open up multiple locations as a part of their market entry strategy, but once a local place is able to open up multiple locations, you know that they've found a winning recipe and a market that is truly ready and open to the wing. The Wingdome in Seattle has witnessed a similar level of success with their multiple locations in the Emerald City.

Fire On the Mountain has recieved much publicity lately for their success, the Oregonian wrote an article about them "Winging it" back on December 21st and BusinessWeek inked their small business success story "Restauranteurs Don't Just Wing It" on January 14th.

Much more will be written by us and others about about this wing joint gem over the coming months and years, but for now, enjoy our review on the Oregon page of the Internet Hot Wing Database and check out the camera-phone pics below...

Peace, love, and grease!

Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth

Fire On the Mountain 2 at 17th and East Burnside

The front half of the restaurant with the expanded bar area

Friends of Cluck (Aaaron and Robbie) getting ready to hurt some FOTM chicken!

Portland, OR Wing Wars Continue

A friend sent me some recent blog posts that had comparisons of the wing joints in Portland, OR. Very interesting read, and I'm very to glad that there are others as obsesed about chicken wings in Portland as I am. Overall I agree with the Blogger's assessment, Fire on the Mountain still is my favorite wing joint in Portland and I can't wait to see what happens when they open up their second location. I still must admit that I haven't yet had wings from Biggs Brothers Wing Shack but I have heard very very good things about them. Maybe this lovely football weekend will be my time...

Nonetheless, here are the links to the recent wing reviews in Portland and a link to the wing recap that I wrote a few months ago (just in case you forgot about it...)

Comparison of Buffalo Wild Wings to Fire on the Mountain:

Comparison of the Wing Stop to Fire on the Mountain: Portland Wing Roundup:

Peace, love, and grease!
Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth

Fire On the Mountain 2

Fire On the Mountain, hands down the best wing joint in Portland, and perhaps the best wing joint on the entire West Coast is set to open their second location in the near future - hopefully by the end of January.

The new location will be at 18th and E. Burnside.

In an Oregonian article, the owners cite as their reason for coming to Portland...

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