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Great Chicken Wing Hunt Movie Premiere

Today is an absolutely huge day for the wing world as a new documentary, The Great Chicken Wing Hunt takes flight! The film, directed by and starring Matt Reynolds - a close friend of the Cluckbucket - follows a crew of wing lovers on an epic journey from Manhattan to Buffalo in a quest to find the best buffalo wing in the world. 

The Cluckbucket brothers were proud to play an exciting role in the film, joining the hunters for their last couple of stops in Buffalo and helping to moderate the pinnacle of the film - a heated debate on which wing was truly the best wing and whether or not it was a true authentic wing. How did things turn out? We'l, you'll just have to watch the movie to see... 

Having won numerous awards in several film festivals around the country the movie is set to hit select theaters and electronic distribution starting today. The best way to stay up-to-date is by checking out the movie's website at Below we highlight the key things for you to be aware of:

Screenings: several screenings have been scheduled at theaters across cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, and many more. We're even working to bring the film to Portland in the coming months! See all the screening times, dates, and locations here:

Trailer and Digital Purchase: You can check out the trailer and purchase a digital copy of the film on iTunes

Social Media: Join the conversation around the film by following @winghunt on Twitter or visiting and liking The Great Chicken Wing Hunt page on Facebook. 

Traditional Media: Read some of the great early coverage of the film at the links below:

We absolutely loved being a part of the film, hopefully you enjoy watching it!