Small Bone Twist

The Small Bone Twist - demonstrated by Scott "The Cluckbucket" Roth


1. Find a "wing" portion, not a "drummy" (If this already has you stumped, click the link below to go to the Wing Dictionary) 

2. If the "wing" portion is attached to the "nub", promptly remove the "nub" and try to get that one little piece of meat off of it. 

3. Grasping the "wing" portion in your non-throwing hand, go directly to the tail end of the wing and separate the two bones. 

4. Carefully examine the wing to locate the smaller of the two bones. 

5. Grab a hold of the small bone and gently twist the bone inside the wing from right to left, and right to left. 

6. Pull the small bone out of the wing (if you did it correctly, it should come out nearly chicken free--Don't get frustrated if it didn't work the first time cause after all, Noah didn't build his ark in just one day) and discard. 

7. Switch the remainder of the wing from your non-throwing hand to your throwing hand and grasp the bone that still lurks inside. 

8. Having a firm grip on the bone, place the entire wing in your mouth upside down (the wing, not you). 

9. Grit your teeth on the bone and slide the bone out. 

You have just completed the patented, "Small Bone Twist"